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Number of posts : 4
Age : 28
Location : muarateweh
Mig33 username : muarateweh
Registration date : 2010-06-22

PostSubject: G0d_0f_W3ap0ns_cracked   Tue Jun 22, 2010 4:34 pm

G0d 0f W3ap0ns creck

------------------Special Features:------------------- 2 Extra Master brutall with 200 sockets. udah lumayankan
ATM [To check and transffer balance to All ids]- Admin Kiker to Kick
with single Admin ID.- Abuser Tool [to store and send unlimited abusive
words in room with auto left]- Pass Changer [Change password of 30 ids
Together]- GC bomber [Create unlimited GC windows from your multy ids]-
ROOM GC BOMBER [Make GC window with all the users of Selected Room]- 2
SPY ids to Get Room list Fastly.- Spy Id set Presence changer.- Room
Flood Templets/GC flood Templets.- Group Chat Flooder [Flood Awesome
Templets in group window with Roll flood]- Invite targets on the
Group.- PVT Boomber.- Multy Chat [Chat with your Random Multy Ids in
room to confuse Admins]- Special target list to inform the activites of
Room users.- Roll flood ids. [Roll flood from All the Ids]- Multy IDs
Creator.- Fastest BOT Flood in Group, Room with Group Invitation to
your Friends.- Real ADMINISTRATOR TOOL to Secure your PRIVATE ROOMS by
Your ADMIN/MODERATOR ID.- COPY CAT [Its a Room Cloning Option in the
Auto-Settings which can Copy the Room users texts and send them back to
Super fast ADMIN DETECTOR which can detect Global Admins in room &
inform the number of Hidden Admins with there usernames.-
T3rmin4t0rz-L3v3L B00st3r [To help you on increasing your Mig33 Level]-
New Abuser to abuse in room with 4 different ids and 4 different
abusive templets.

Features:----------------- Login 10 sets together [with: 10x1,
20x1,40x1,50x1,100x1]- Save 100 Sets.- No need to install any OCX
files.- Auto relogin Ids.- Easy compatibility to Operate All Sets
together.- Use same/different Passwords.- Check Login Status of All the
Sets.- Open setup files directly from the Tool.- Ip resolver to get the
fastest Mig33 IP.- Save/Load Targets/Protect ids.- Separate Flood box.-
Information with attractive Pop-Up menus.- 12 Attractive Look themes..-
CPU use information.- Auto save the last configuration.- Interactive
Chatbox with Enable/disable function and Smilies supportable.
Tool Features:------------------------------Auto Kick with: [Wilcard
Entry, Sniff, Auto Kick, List Kick]-ADMIN FEATURES: KICK // BANN //
Settings:---------------- Auto Greet [Editable AutoGreet Msg]- Auto
Enter Ids.- Auto Leave Ids.- Auto Vote.- Auto Kick.- Sniff Kick.- Shoot
At Sight Kick.- Shadow Kick.- WildCard Kick.- Auto Update room List.-
Auto interval GetList.- Kick on click List.- Kick All [Kick 15 Targets
with Delay & Loop options]- Send Text in room.- Admin Caller [Send
Invitation msg to All Online Admins]

neh ada admin radar nya

neh ada menu flood box nya

buat set multy looo

buat kick brutal dalam room
tapi ada satu kelemahan nya

buat kirim text ke admin or all admin

sekaliat bisa buat multy juga jadi dah lengkap pakai aja yaa hehehehe

cape ngejelasin nya terlalu banyak jadi cek aja ya neh app nya aku kasih

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